The soothing meditative quality of the piano with its crackling hinges and hammers. Intimate night sessions. Warm dreamy synth sounds. And those beautiful string instruments, which gets every composer dripping like a honeycomb. What depth, beauty and endless range of possibilities and textures do these instruments possess! All these elements of beauty assemble such a vivid world of dreams that I cannot help but immerse in this reality.


Cedric graduated at the Utrecht Conservatory of Music in November 2017 with his graduation project called EMBER. Here he collaborated with six string players and two video artists on a live concert with classical music, electronic sounds and a compelling storytelling of live projected video art. The EMBER project was later released online as an EP. Since then Cedric has been exploring the life of a free artist and musician. This induced an intense internal process, spending long hours in his studio space in Utrecht Overvecht and rediscovering the essence of music. This resulted in his next big project: “Be Still When the Storm Breaks.” His first studio album, strongly relating to the neo-classical music scene, using the popular ‘felt piano’ sound and blending electronics, synthesizers, piano and live string recordings into an expressive nostalgic musical voyage.


Your support is very much needed and appreciated! I started a crowdfunding campaign on the dutch platform voordekunst. Here I am raisng 2250 euro to fund the last string recordings, to cover the renting of mics and mostly to be able to pay for the mixing and mastering of the album. So I can bring this music to a beautiful professional quality for your and my enjoyment.

The crowdfunding period is December 18th 2018 – January 18th 2019

For donations and further information on the crowdfunding progress, please visit the website of voordekunst:


Donations are possible with Ideal, PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, Maestro.

Click here to listen to a song of the album for an extra (secret) preview