Destiny is to live my live as if it is a dream. Extending dream states. Worlds of my imagination, places I dwell in which sometimes magically manifest in my life in this sparkly moment where there is a cross road. A meeting between people. A stretched delightful moment where actions enfold so rapidly and unexpectedly that a sense of realism is momentarily out of reach, swept over by life’s forces of inspirational power, sweepings of love. All with such vigour that only a story by an inspirational poet or aspiring filmmaker or a vivid midnights reverie can live up to its expression.
These long breathtaking moments happen rarely, and its significance is so big that it leaves me yearning for years after.
A longing to extend these moments however way possible is inevitable and thus being caught in feelings of nostalgia, the only way I find myself able to cope is through either relive and reconstruct these moment through art, music, words… or to search for new ones. And thus I find a mission of prolonging these worlds, and finding new states of dreams, making that an occupation of life, living it and spreading it as life’s destiny and subsequently sharing these extended dream states with others.
If you zoom out of your life far enough, time will disappear, all irrelevant minutes and hours are gone. All that remains are memories, stories to tell, and stories yet to enfold. The only remains are the things that really matter, everything that made a strong impression or is about to impact your life and it’s following course of events. But unfortunately we can’t be zooming out of our lives just yet. So we get lost in endless anticipation, meaningless development and many dark empty hours. Until a spark comes along again and brings us somewhere where our hearts are at.